Trusted evaporator coil repair and installation in Ocala.

When you encounter problems with your air conditioning system, the exact cause can be difficult to figure out. All you know is that that wonderfully cool air that usually flows through your vents is no longer there. The key is to pinpoint the cause and then have the necessary repairs made to get it running smoothly once again.

Quite often, the cause is your evaporator coil. At FL HVAC Services, we provide expert evaporator coil installation and repair services that will help keep you cool during the hottest days of the year. One call is all it takes and we will show up, ready to work.

About the Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil in your home’s air conditioning system is the part that contains refrigerant to cool after it is drawn out of your living space and before it is sent back in. Without a functioning evaporator coil, there will be no chilled air to go back in and cool your home. When you call about AC problems, the technician will always check the evaporator coil to ensure it is functioning correctly.

Signs You Need Evaporator Coil Repair

Sometimes, you may be able to see refrigerant leaking from the evaporator coil, which is a strong sign to call for repairs. You may also notice strange odors, or the air that is flowing back into your home might be warm or lukewarm instead of cool. If you notice signs of a damaged evaporator coil, don’t try to DIY the problem because you will likely end up making it worse. Call for professional repairs, and schedule regular maintenance on your air conditioning system to ensure the evaporator coil is always in great shape.

Benefits of Choosing Our Team

We like to use the slogan: Fast, Friendly, Honest because it accurately describes what we are all about. When you contact us for your evaporator coil services, you can expect benefits like:

  • Flat rate pricing to guard against hidden fees on your bill
  • A solid money back guarantee
  • Highly trained technicians that know your AC system inside and out

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What People Say About Us?

Just got a new unit put in today by this company. The owner went above and beyond to help me through the process of getting into the PACE program to help finance. They will now be my go-to a/c guys! It’s already nice and cool in my home and kids and husband all agree A+ work!